Fondo europeo per gli affari marittimi e la pesca - FEAMP 2014 - 2020
E-Fish è una soluzione finanziabile attraverso i FEAMP 2014-2020. Scopri come possiamo aiutare il tuo ente o la tua impresa.

Online auction

Over the past 15 years, also thanks to a generational change, fish buyers developed a higher propensity to purchase remotely. A proper management of logistics and cold chain makes the online purchase and the «just in time» delivery possible.

eFish Sistema di gestione mercati itticiThe e-Fish Online Auction module enables fish markets to implement the wholesale fish sales through remote trading tools.

The system allows registered buyers to take part in the auction remotely under the same conditions as those present in the fish market.

Taking advantage of the technological development, the first e-Fish telematic auction started operating in 2005.  The evolution of browsers, mobile devices, video streaming and Internet connection speed has made it possible to implement an authentic “real-time” online purchase system.

The system allows users to:

  • bid in real time and buy through their PC, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet;
  • place purchase orders ahead of the start of the auction operations.

eFish Sistema di gestione mercati itticiThe integration of the best and most reliable technological innovation systems

  • High resolution IP camera;
  • API of e-Fish Auction software;
  • Web server for the publication of the application on the Internet;
  • Video streaming of the fish on sale;
  • User browser able to display the auction on the buyer device with the full set of photos or videos of the product on sale

The remote sales system supports both the ascending and descending auction. Thanks to the method and type of payments already in use in the fish markets, it’s not strictly necessary to implement electronic payments, though they can be activated optionally.

In order to place an order it’s no longer necessary to get in on the auction , even remotely

Purchase orders, just like on eBay®, allow users to buy by offering in advance and remotely the price and quantity of the product they need.

Purchases are confirmed only if the proposed price meets the auction, with fufillment of any partial quantity. The system provides a summary of the goods purchased in real time.

In order to work properly, the online system requires the e-Fish Auction and the e-Fish EF2 software modules.

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