Fondo europeo per gli affari marittimi e la pesca - FEAMP 2014 - 2020
E-Fish è una soluzione finanziabile attraverso i FEAMP 2014-2020. Scopri come possiamo aiutare il tuo ente o la tua impresa.

Accounting system

A single software makes the complex accounting management processes of a fish market simple. It allows users to import auction sales, create auction notes, transport documents, auction closure, sales notes, takeovers, proforma electronic invoicing and much more.

The e-Fish EF2 module is the management and documentary system for fish markets operating in the trading of fish through an auction or a direct bargaining.

The user-friendly and simple interface of e-Fish EF2, the fish market management software module, allows a fully independent management of the personal information of buyers, producers, vessels, fishing areas, fish species, aquaculture and fishing-valley products, place of origin, as well as all FAO classifications and those required by EU legislation.
The system is a real ERP, where the focus of the processes are the auction sales operations around which it is possible to produce the related documents and generate electronic flows to and from the credit institution under contract, the buyers, the producers (also represented by cooperatives and fishery organizations), the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and any territorial authorities with a monitoring or statistics function. Thanks to the technology used, it is possible to operate remotely through an Internet connection, even from tablet or smartphone.

eFish Sistema di gestione mercati itticiSuitable for municipal fishmarkets and wholesalers in the fishing industry

The ability to operate in both scenarios makes the system able to issue fiscal documents as transferor or  third-party intermediary.

Sales under control and integration with the bank system

Each sale is confirmed only within the credit limit of the buyer.

Maximum transparency for producers and buyers.

Through the personalization of individual fees and the presence in all documents of summaries and details for each transaction, it’s possible to have the cost of each product purchased under control.

Automated Printing System

In order to optimize the delivery times of the auction sheets and transport documents, the system is able to automatically print the documents at the end of the auction.

Everything within reach, designed to make administrative work more efficient

The available e-Fish EF2 features are grouped by business process and allow you to easily manage:

  • Contracts relating to services or fees
  • Fresh products, mixed product of up to 10 species or processed and prepacked products
  • Delivery batches
  • Production batches
  • Buyers' credit lines or purchase limits
  • Associating radio remote controls or online accounts
  • Purchase orders
  • Auction order extraction
  • Displays and synoptic panels for buyers and producers present at the auction
  • Import, modification or input of auction transactions or sales in general
  • Auction notes for producers
  • Transport documents for buyers
  • Auction closure with generation of movements relating to fees, credits and debits
  • Customization of fees and services for buyer or producer
  • Invoices, proforma invoices and electronic invoices (XML layout)
  • Export of ministerial record layouts
  • Statistics and data export
  • Food traceability


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