Fondo europeo per gli affari marittimi e la pesca - FEAMP 2014 - 2020
E-Fish è una soluzione finanziabile attraverso i FEAMP 2014-2020. Scopri come possiamo aiutare il tuo ente o la tua impresa.

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) 2014-2020

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The National Operational Programme of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) 2014-2020  was approved by the European Commission on 27th November 2015.

It is one of the five European structural and investment funds (ESIF) that complement one another and are intended to promote an economic recovery based on the increase in growth and employment in Europe.

The general objective of the EMFF OP is to support the sustainable management of the fishing and aquaculture industry and to boost, at the same time, the competitiveness and the ability to generate development, employment and territorial cohesion.

The Programme for the years 2014/2020 is focused on the innovation of the structures that concern the management and trade of the catch and the seafood traceability process.

All the Regions involved in the EMFF activated  the specific Measure for INNOVATION and soon calls will be launched  to fund the modernization of the Fish Markets and of the Online Auctions.

The available resources of the EMFF 2014-2020 for our Country are 978.107.682 € of which 440.845.123 € for national cofinancing. These are important resources for Italian regions.

Infoteam can assist you in monitoring the calls and provide advice in order to access the EMFF funds.  

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