Fondo europeo per gli affari marittimi e la pesca - FEAMP 2014 - 2020
E-Fish è una soluzione finanziabile attraverso i FEAMP 2014-2020. Scopri come possiamo aiutare il tuo ente o la tua impresa.

Auction system

The auction procedures in Italian fish markets have distant traditions; the experience acquired by our product in the past 15 years let us respect them, while introducing innovation and new technologies.

eFish Sistema di gestione mercati itticieFish Sistema di gestione mercati ittici

The e-Fish Auction module allows trading operations of wholesale fishery products at the first sale and of processed fishery products. The system supports both descending and ascending auctions through further raises. 

The high automation of hardware and software components allows the automatization of the whole production process of the fish market:

  • Management of the batch through the landing declaration of the vessel
  • Management of the production lot
  • Automation of the conveyor
  • Automatic acquiring of weight and threshold tare
  • Auction sale, multiple sale, purchase order, online auction
  • Labelling and food traceability
  • Management of the information related to real-time prices and sales orders
  • Management of fresh, mixed and processed product
  • Interoperability with different purchasing devices: radiofrequency, mobile and online

Sales velocity up to 460 boxes/hour, per auction line

eFish Sistema di gestione mercati ittici

The auction times are optimized thanks to the conclusion speed of every transaction.
The system allows the management of multiple auction lines of the same plant, up to four at the same time.

Food traceability compliant with the EU standards

The real-time printing of a label compliant with the existing rules on fish traceability completes the solution and makes the information available to the sector operators and to the final consumers.

The integration of the best and most reliable technological systems

The solution integrates different technologies, chosen according to the customer needs and is able to improve the efficiency of the auction operations, minimize the risk of error and produce up-to-date data that can be shared throughout the whole seafood supply chain. According to the trading and operating methods of the plant it’s possible to integrate:

  • Automated conveyors
  • Dynamic weighing systems
  • Packaging based on RFID systems
  • Automatic acquiring of image/video of the product
  • Different label printing systems: bar-code, QR code, laser and ink jet
  • Large and high resolution display




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